Slightly Right has been performing at wine bars, pubs, dance clubs, private parties, festivals,  weddings, graduations, and charity events across Arizona for over a decade.  We can adjust our sound to blend into the background at quiet cocktail events or pump it up when folks are in the dancing mood. We just enjoy playing music and our fans like the light hearted fun and entertaining way we deliver it.  

SR plays a blend of genres including blues, classic rock, pop, Motown, and a hint of country plus a number of original tunes with musical influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, Smokey Robinson, Tom Petty, The Band, Springsteen, Janice Joplin, Pink, Jackson Five, Eagles and more. 

Slightly Right = great energy, great fun, great music!

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