Slightly Right on Lockdown 2020

Band zoom meetings

SR is taking Covid-19 very seriously and hunkering down at home.  We miss playing music but most of all we miss each other.  Zoom will have to do for now. Stay safe friends.  

My Mom's House by Wyatt Bodnar

Hello World.

Freddy G & Marie in D.C.  

Live from the Pentagon:  Music icon Marie Osmond demands selfie with Slightly Right drummer Freddy G 

Freddy G was there with the SRP contingent at the 2017 Freedom Award event in D.C August 2017. 

 We're so very proud of our Freddy G. Way to go!!

Slightly Right on the Desert Belle Lake Saguaro 

We had an absolute blast playing the Desert Belle Lake Cruise on Saguaro Lake Saturday night. 

Fun people, amazing scenery and just an overall fantastic time. Such a great way to experience this beautiful place we call home. 

Thank you Desert Belle crew and staff. Can't wait to cruise with you again. 

Behind the scenes

From band practice to back stage-take a peek into the not so secret world of Slightly Right.